The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast

The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast

Hosted by: Chelsea Gold, MS, RDN

A podcast by Chelsea Gold, MS, RDN and Hashimoto's Warrior


Hashimoto's & PCOS with Corinne Angelica

Season #2 Episode #30

In Today's Episode Chelsea invites Corinne Angelica; a certified holistic nutritionist to discuss Hashimoto’s and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Corrine has created several amazing programs for those with PCOS or...
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Hashimoto's & Postpartum Healing with Brooke Rozmenoski

Season #2 Episode #29

In today’s episode Chelsea is joined by Brooke Rozmenoski. She is a postpartum expert that has created The Balance Body Program for mothers. Her mission is to help mothers show up for themselves first and then being...
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Gut Health & Hashimoto’s with The Gut Health Nutritionist, Amanda Sauceda, RD

Season #2 Episode #28

In today’s episode Chelsea is joined by Amanda Sauceda, RD. She is The Gut Health Nutritionist that has created The Mindful Gut™ approach. Her goal is taking a look at digestion and how it can impact your overall...
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Pregnant with Hashimoto's: First and Second Trimester Recap

Season #2 Episode #27

In this episode I give you a detailed recap of the first and second trimester of my pregnancy with Hashimoto's. What a crazy ride it's been to get to this point. Lots of updates and changes with my body and...
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Intuitive Eating & Hashimoto's Healing with Jenna Werner, RD

Season #2 Episode #26

In todays episode Chelsea is joined by Jenna Werner, RD. She is the founder of Happy Strong Healthy where her goal is to simplify nutrition for you. She helps you understand food and love food for how it makes you...
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How to Feel Empowered in Your Mind, Body & Soul on Your Hashimoto's Healing Journey with Arielle Bloom

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode Chelsea is joined by Arielle Bloom to discuss How to Feel Empowered in Your Mind, Body & Soul on Your Hashimoto's Healing Journey. Arielle is a Functional Nutrition & Mindset Coach that helps...
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How to Unpack Unhelpful Internal Stories Around Your Hashimoto's Diagnosis With Chelsea Connors

Season #2 Episode #24

In this episode we invited Chelsea Connors, Life Coach + Former Therapist to discuss how to unpack unhelpful internal stories around Hashimoto's and being diagnosed. They go over learning to listen within and...
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Anxiety & Depression with Hashimoto's: Where it Comes From and What to do About It

Season #2 Episode #23

In todays solo episode Chelsea talks about Anxiety & Depression with Hashimoto's. It is extremely common to have Anxiety & Depression on your healing journey and it's important to know you are not...
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Pregnancy with Hashimoto’s: The in’s and out’s with Mamas Maternal Health

Season #2 Episode #22

**TW- In todays episode we do discuss some triggering/sensitive topics. If you feel you will be triggered, please do not listen. We are here to support you in any way possible. You are not alone In today's episode I...
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Welcome to The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast!

Season #2 Episode #21

Welcome back, Warrior! If you couldn't tell, we have revamped this amazing podcast for YOU! We went from being called The Healing HQ Podcast to The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast. Why? Because we love chatting about...
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