The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast

The Hashimoto's Healing Podcast

Hosted by: Chelsea Gold, MS, RDN

A podcast by Chelsea Gold, MS, RDN and Hashimoto's Warrior


The Connection Between Your Gut Health and Your Hashimoto's + What You Can Start Doing to Heal!

Season #1 Episode #20

In this episode I discuss the connection between gut health and thyroid health, specifically with Hashimoto’s Disease. I start by discussing what the gut does and why it is so important to care for in a Hashimoto’s...
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Everything You Need to Know About Hashimoto's & Keto

Season #1 Episode #19

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of the keto diet with Hashimoto’s. I start with explaining what the keto diet is and move into everything you need to know about it with Hashimoto’s. You'll learn the...
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All things Pregnancy & Beyond with an Autoimmune Disease with Cassie & Mikayla

Season #1 Episode #18

**TW- In todays episode we do discuss some triggering/sensitive topics. If you feel you will be triggered, please do not listen. We are here to support you in any way possible. You are not alone <3 In today's...
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What Is Hashimoto's, What's Happening in your Body & What do Your Labs Mean

Season #1 Episode #17

In this episode I tell you all about what Hashimoto's is, what is actually happening in your body and what it all means. I want you to be empowered and understand what all of this means. I know how overwhelming it all...
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Should I take CBD for Hashimoto's?

Season #1 Episode #16

CBD is gaining a ton of momentum in the health and wellness world. Many scientific studies are actually confirming that it may help to ease symptoms like chronic pain and anxiety, especially with Hashimoto's. Women...
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Hashimoto's & Low Libido- It's time we talk about it

Season #1 Episode #15

Happy Podcast Day, Warriors! We are chatting about a juicy topic- Low Libido. We've all been there (i'm sure) and I'm breaking the wall down because it is so important to talk about. I go over some potential causes,...
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Discussing Functional Medicine and Autoimmunity with Dr. Elliot Dinetz, M.D.

Season #1 Episode #14

In this episode Chelsea is joined by Dr. Elliot Dinetz who is a Board certified medical doctor specialized in Functional Medicine. He works closely with people to target the root cause to promote healing in his...
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How to survive Thanksgiving with Hashimoto’s

Season #1 Episode #13

In this episode, Chelsea talks about all of her tips and tricks for surviving Thanksgiving with Hashimoto’s. Thanksgiving looks very different this year for most of us, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! She...
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Why Self Care Is So Important On Your Healing Journey

Season #1 Episode #12

Welcome back to another Healing HQ Podcast episode! This week we are talking about Why Self Care Is So Important On Your Healing Journey! One of Chelsea's favorite topics to talk about! Chelsea starts off the episode...
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Birth Control, IBS and Navigating Autoimmunity at a Young Age with Fiona Smith

Season #1 Episode #11

In this episode, Chelsea and Fiona discuss their journey with Birth Control & Thyroid issues, IBS and Navigating Autoimmunity at a Young Age. Chelsea and Fiona found each other on TikTok, and quickly became...
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5 Things I Can't Live Without with Hashimoto's

Season #1 Episode #10

What are some things Chelsea couldn't live without for her Hashimoto's? On this episode, you'll hear Chelsea's personal daily regimen including diet, lifestyle, supplements, and so much more! You'll learn about what...
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Change, Growth and Stress in Adulthood With Chelsea Connors, Life Coach + Therapist

Season #1 Episode #9

Chelsea is joined by Chelsea Connors, Life Coach + Therapist to discuss everything change, growth and stress in Adulthood.  In this episode they talk about boundaries, friendships, honoring yourself and giving...
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