Change, Growth and Stress in Adulthood With Chelsea Connors, Life Coach + Therapist

Season #1 Episode #9

Chelsea is joined by Chelsea Connors, Life Coach + Therapist to discuss everything change, growth and stress in Adulthood. 

In this episode they talk about boundaries, friendships, honoring yourself and giving yourself grace on your healing journey. Chelsea Connors goes deep into ensuring that you find what practices work best for you. She shares her story about the overwhelming pressures of growing up into adulthood and he own health journey... and how they are so intertwined.

As we grow up in life, it is normal to be confused with how society tells us what we need to do vs doing what feels right to us. In this episode Chelsea Connors opens up the conversation about doing what you love, having meaningful conversations and have more space to try things out. 

Chelsea supports people through their journey of moving forward through life discussing expectations, relationships, anxiety and pressures. She also helps them start living a life for them vs having life against them. It's time to break out of our boxes, calibrate and be exactly who you are meant to be.

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