Birth Control, IBS and Navigating Autoimmunity at a Young Age with Fiona Smith

Season #1 Episode #11

In this episode, Chelsea and Fiona discuss their journey with Birth Control & Thyroid issues, IBS and Navigating Autoimmunity at a Young Age. Chelsea and Fiona found each other on TikTok, and quickly became friends. They both share information about thyroid and hormone health and love helping women feel better. It is a match made in heaven.

Fiona shares her story with Birth control and developing thyroid diseases. She was crippled with symptoms that led her to leaving her job to better her health and help other women do the same. Both Chelsea and Fiona have made it their mission to help women be more aware and empowered to learn what is best for their bodies and finally putting themselves first. 

At the end of the episode they answer some follower questions and discuss their IBS stories (one of the many symptoms they both deal with). Sit back and relax, you'll love this episode!

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