Should I take CBD for Hashimoto's?

Season #1 Episode #16

CBD is gaining a ton of momentum in the health and wellness world. Many scientific studies are actually confirming that it may help to ease symptoms like chronic pain and anxiety, especially with Hashimoto's.

Women with Hashimoto’s often struggle with inflammation.  We know that chronic inflammation can lead to depression, insulin resistance, heart disease, metabolic syndromes, other autoimmune diseased and more!

On this episode, I explain what CBD is and whether it can be beneficial for women with Hashimoto’s! I also go into why I take CBD and how it has been a staple in my personal healing journey.

In this episode, you'll learn the symptoms that CBD can help with, why all CBD products are not equal, and how to take CBD and get the best absorption! We even talk about serving sizes and how to figure out what dosage is right for you!

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