What Is Hashimoto's, What's Happening in your Body & What do Your Labs Mean

Season #1 Episode #17

In this episode I tell you all about what Hashimoto's is, what is actually happening in your body and what it all means. I want you to be empowered and understand what all of this means. I know how overwhelming it all can be, so I broke it down for you as easy as I could (You know I can nerd out on the science).

I discuss where the thyroid is, what the thyroid does for the body, how it helps us function and so much more. I also dive deep into the thyroid hormones, TSH, T4, and T, and discuss what they do for you and how they play a role in Hashimoto's.

Lastly, I go over what you might see on your lab work that your doctor probably didn't explain to you. I went over a full thyroid panel and what each of them mean so you can know what is happening in your body and understand all of it! 

I teach all of this and more in THE HASHIMOTO' S METHOD, which is the most affordable, fun, community based healing method for Hashimoto's. Come join the community and start feeling like YOU again: https://www.hashimotosmethod.com/


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