All things Pregnancy & Beyond with an Autoimmune Disease with Cassie & Mikayla

Season #1 Episode #18

**TW- In todays episode we do discuss some triggering/sensitive topics. If you feel you will be triggered, please do not listen. We are here to support you in any way possible. You are not alone <3

In today's episode I am joined by Cassie & Mikayla from Mammas Maternal Health to talk all thing pregnancy and beyond with an Autoimmune disease. Cassie & Mikayla are both Registered Dietitians and lactation counselors that help women with any autoimmune disease during their pregnancy and post pregnancy. Basically, they are your autoimmune pregnancy fairy god-mothers!

In this episode we discuss the difference between prenantal and postnatal, breastfeeding, PCOS, the importance of having a community, & so much more. Pregnancy with an autoimmune disease doesn't have to be scary with these amazing girls by your side. I asked them some juicy questions like how to find the best prenantal, what to look for and how to eat, best foods for lactation and more.

We also dive into their brand new program that helps autoimmune mammas-to-be have a healthy pregnancy & achieve long term health for mama & baby!! So amazing! Take a look at their Signature Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol

Check out Cassie and Mikayla on Instagram 

Check out their blog post all about Prenantal vitamins


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