Pregnancy with Hashimoto’s: The in’s and out’s with Mamas Maternal Health

Season #2 Episode #22

**TW- In todays episode we do discuss some triggering/sensitive topics. If you feel you will be triggered, please do not listen. We are here to support you in any way possible. You are not alone

In today's episode I am joined again by Cassie & Mikayla from Mamas Maternal Health to talk about pregnancy with Hashimoto's. Cassie & Mikayla are both Registered Dietitians and lactation counselors that help women with any autoimmune disease during their pregnancy and post pregnancy. Basically, they are your autoimmune pregnancy fairy god-mothers!

They give advice for dealing with pregnancy symptoms, Hashimoto's and thyroid tips and trick & so much more!

We also dive into their brand new program that helps autoimmune mammas-to-be have a healthy pregnancy & achieve long term health for mama & baby!! So amazing! Take a look at their Signature Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol

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