Intuitive Eating & Hashimoto's Healing with Jenna Werner, RD

Season #2 Episode #26

In todays episode Chelsea is joined by Jenna Werner, RD. She is the founder of Happy Strong Healthy where her goal is to simplify nutrition for you. She helps you understand food and love food for how it makes you feel. Jenna and her team are the queens of Intuitive Eating and Food Freedom.

In this episode we discuss what is intuitive eating, All about experimenting with foods in an intuitive way for Hashimoto’s and how to decipher/ push past the diet mentality when it comes to experimenting with foods. 

We also discuss how to be honest with yourself and honor your feelings with your relationship with food. Jenna also shares her food freedom story & how she got here.

Check out Jenna on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happystronghealthy.rd/

Take a look at the Happy Strong Healthy Website: https://www.happystronghealthyrd.com/


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