Gut Health & Hashimoto’s with The Gut Health Nutritionist, Amanda Sauceda, RD

Season #2 Episode #28

In today’s episode Chelsea is joined by Amanda Sauceda, RD. She is The Gut Health Nutritionist that has created The Mindful Gut™ approach. Her goal is taking a look at digestion and how it can impact your overall health. Amanda is all about finding what fits your gut health needs, which us Hashimoto’s Warriors need!

In this episode we discuss what gut health actually means, how mindfulness plays a role in restoring your digestion, and why it's important to trust your gut on your Hashimoto’s healing journey.

We both agree gut health and hashimoto’s healing is not a one size fits all. Keep in mind that your digestion is unique to YOU! And Amanda can help guide you through your gut health journey mindfully.

You’ll also learn all of our best tips and tricks for starting your gut health journey and what you can start doing today to help both your gut and thyroid.

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