Hashimoto's & Postpartum Healing with Brooke Rozmenoski

Season #2 Episode #29

In today’s episode Chelsea is joined by Brooke Rozmenoski. She is a postpartum expert that has created The Balance Body Program for mothers. Her mission is to help mothers show up for themselves first and then being able to show up for their families. Brooke talks with us about her experience with pregnancy and hypothyroidism and how hormones are integral during pregnancy & postpartum.

In this episode we discuss why postpartum hashimoto’s flares happen, realistic expectations of the postpartum healing, and how supporting your hormones are so important! Every Hashimoto’s Warrior’s healing journey is ongoing and will change depending on where you are in your life.

Check out Brooke on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brookerozzie/

Take a look at Brooks website: https://brookerozzie.thinkific.com/


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