Simple & fun Hashimoto's healing designed for YOUR body that will leave you feeling in control of your life, full of energy and feeling like YOU again

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  • Is SO ready to get rid of the brain fog, bloat and fatigue and show up for yourself every single day

  • Has tried it all and is tired of feeling overwhelmed & alone

  • Loves good food and wants to enjoy what they are eating
  • Wants an affordable one-stop-shop to learn how to become the BEST version of herself

  • Is ready to live their full potential and feel confident on their healing journey

  • Wants to be surrounded and supported by women going through the same thing

Then The Hashimoto's Method is for YOU!

Welcome to The Hashimoto's Method Membership — my proven system to help you ditch your symptoms with good food, more fun and lots of company.


  • Mind Body connection
  • Your past and limiting beliefs
  • Future self and filling your cup
  • Affirmations, journaling and mediation


  • Finding what foods work best for YOU
  • Thyroid loving foods
  • Intuitive eating
  • Building your plate


  • Gut health, Hormone health and our cycle
  • Safer swaps
  • How to set routines
  • Movement for YOU!


$35/ month

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Your community of happier & healthier Hashimoto's Warrior Sisters

THM has helped countless Hashimoto's Warriors ditch their symptoms and understand their body by making simple and easy intuitive changes, eating good food and making healing effortless.

What you get inside The Hashimoto's Method Membership

When you join, you'll get instant access to The Hashimoto's Method membership site. You'll have everything you need to start your healing journey including:

1. New Content Each Month

New recipes, guides, coaching call topics and more each month on current topics! We cover everything from how to survive holidays to feeling confident in your body, and so much more!

$200/month value

2. Design your day

I walk you through creating your daily plan that works specifically for YOU and your life. This means getting to know your bodies needs, lifestyle and food preferences.

$300 value

3. Hashimoto's Friendly Recipes

You get the recipes that not only heal your body, but taste AMAZING! No more grilled chicken and veggies every meal. Get access to the growing recipe library filled with countless gluten free, dairy free, soy free and grain free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes!

$60/ month value

4. The Method

You'll get my complete Method. All of the Mindset Method shifts for every situation. The Nutrition Method to help you find what foods works best for you and your body in an intuitive, sustainable way. And the Lifestyle Method to help you with stress, understanding your body and movement.

$1,500 value

5. Coaching Calls

We have 3 group calls per month, where I will help you with any Hashimoto's struggles, and answer any and all of your questions. We are a team and are here to support you every step of the way! Calls will be at various days and times to accommodate schedules/time zones, and are recorded so you can listen anytime.

$1,200/ month value

6. Private Support Community

The private community is filled with women who are supporting each other through the ups and downs of Hashimoto's. We are always in there to answer your Hashi's questions! A rising tide lifts all ships.

 $50/month value

7. Direct Access to Chelsea

Get any and all of your questions about Mindset, Nutrition and Lifestyle changes with Hashimoto's (and life) answered by ME, Chelsea your Hashimoto's Dietitian. You can join the calls to talk with me personally, write in a anonymous question or post in our private support community. You can also sign up for private 1:1 sessions with me once a member (additional cost, prices and options vary).

$2,000/month value

$35/ month

cancel anytime, no questions asked!

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Incase we haven't met...

I'm Chelsea, and I have Hashimoto's too!  I’m a Registered Dietitian because of it, and I want to help you thrive with Hashimoto's.

During the 6 years I have spent investigating my health, I have ditched the brain fog, bloat and fatigue, learned what foods work for my body and feel like my mind and body are finally connected... but it wasn't easy.

I want you to learn everything I know about Hashimoto's, without all the tears and loneliness.  I have created The Hashimoto's Method to teach you my proven framework to Healing Hashimoto's and support you along the way!

YOU CAN thrive with Hashimoto's and I'm excited to teach you how.


$35/ month

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Join Monthly!