blog Nov 18, 2021


1. The Hashimoto's Method Membership- The 6 Step Success Path to help you ditch your symptoms, find what works best for YOU and have a community of women behind you every step of the way. Get 2 months free when you sign up for 6 months (code TWOFREE).

2. The Paleo Gut Healing Cookbook by Alison Mars- This AMAZING book gives you the whole equation for restoring gut health, combining flavorful, nourishing Paleo and AIP recipes with 10 key digestive strategies to address both the “what to eat” and “how to eat”.

3. PNW Poured Candles- Made by a fellow Hashimoto's Warrior, these wax candles are so amazing and made with cleaner ingredients. I love the way they make my house smell!

4. Dazzle Dry Nail Polish: I use the whole system. The nail polish lasts long and dries so fast! I love it

5. At home Infrared Sauna- A great tool to use while healing. Saunas help drain toxins and are a great way to do some self-care. I either do a membership to a local business or use this one at home! (affiliate link)

6. Branch Basics- Using safer products is a great aide on your healing journey. These cleaning products are amazing!

7. BeamStudies show that CBD can help with many issues that us Hashimoto's Warriors struggle with, like anxiety, inflammation, and even insulin resistance. This is why I started incorporating CBD into my daily routine with the mindset, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Beam is having their biggest sale ever--> 40% off the first 3 months of a subscription which is a big deal! It wont last long! (affiliate link)

8. Primal Palate Spices- What you put in and on your body is so important. These spices are top of the line and use the cleanest ingredients out there. I always stock up!

9. Primally Pure- I love their deodorants, facial products and basically anything they put out. I fully trust this brand on my skin. LOVE IT!!

10. Dry Brush- I use my dry brush a few times a week, especially in the colder months. It keeps my skin smooth and soft.

11. Berkey Water Filter- I love my Berkey. I drink a lot of water and I love knowing that my water is safe from contaminants. 



12. Hydro Flask Water Bottle- These insulated water bottles are AMAZING! I keep mine on me at all times and it helps me drink more water throughout the day, which is key for us warriors! (affiliate link)

13. BONUS-->The Hashimoto's Holiday Bundle- 40+ holiday recipes for Hashimoto's, all of my tips & tricks to get through the holiday AND all the motivation you need to survive any holiday on your healing journey


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